2014 Vauxhall Astra GTC Review

The turbo charged 1.6 litres petrol makes it a good pick. The performance is very strong and responsive. It come with two 1.4 turbos but they are a little weak for such a sporting car. For lower revs, 2.0 litre petrol pulls strongly making it easy to build a quick speed quickly.
The GTC is sharper to drive as compared to the standard Astra. It has a good speed and revs up quickly and has a great bend in bents. It has a lean body but the steering could have been better. It offers a firm ride if you stick with the standard 18 inches alloy.
The 1.6 engine makes some sound in bumpy roads which is subdued in smooth road. The 1.4 engine makes a boomy sound when you rev it up. The 2.0 litre diesel is also a bit noisy and the bigger wheel you choose the more noise it will make.
Vauxhall Astra GTC is cheap as compared to its rivals like VW Scirocco and it comes with good discounts. However its buy back can be bad and you might lose more cash in depreciation. It has lower Carbon dioxide emissions and offers a great fuel economy.
The GTC cabin comes with some wow factor but its larger part is constructed of plastic which can be quite bad as when they appear first. But the cabin still has a smart look and slick switches further add to the quality. The reliability is not that good.
All models come with a stability control to avoid road accidents. GTC comes with a curtain and side airbags, keeping you safe. Other rivals offer you more kit but Astra got a five star in Euro NCAP crash test. All the security measures are perfect and correct.
It is overloaded with buttons so using different functions can be confusing. It comes with a smaller rear window.
There is a lot of head and legroom in the front and a reasonably good space at the back to sit comfortably. Shoulder room is very tight and a good 360 litre boot.
You can choose among two trims- sport cars come with air conditioning, and a DAB radio which is the basic requirement by all the people. It comes with xenon headlamps, wipers and automatic lights.
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