2014 Toyota Prius MPV Review

You get excellent driving position with sheer and clear visibility in it; the cabin is not that much airy as in Citreon C4 Picasso, but it is close. You can sense that the controls are placed well, with needed labeling. Infotainment screen is not tempting, because it has small icons, and it is a bit uneasy to touch them at sheen, while driving.
Two folks of more than average height can sit upfront, with sheer comfort, and the rear seat can bestow adequate space, for sitting, to 3 demos. Each of these three seats drags, bends and slouches distinctively. There is pertinent boot space, but the wheel-vaulting violate and limits the width.
Two variants are available in Prius+. Basic T4 model has head-up display, reversing camera, Bluetooth, panoramic glass roof, touch-screen multimedia player, and alloy wheels. If you select the T spirit model then you will get upgraded stereo system, satellite navigation and leather furnishing. Etc, but you have to spend few pounds extra for this model.
This car has the similar petrol engine, as you found in Prius, but it is more sledge-hammer in performance for sure. You can get the remarkable on road performance by reaching the power mode button, which sharpens the scrunch responses, but it consumes lot of fuel for this. In the town surroundings EV mode is the best, but the petrol engine is required, to rev hard for tremendous pace on motorways.
Light weight steering and facile mercuriality make it the good ride option on roads, it’s safe and precise handling give you the needed confidence and comfort all in all. It uses the recent system, to regularize the throttle, when the car gets over any dip or bump, to cope up well with the situation.
You find this car silent at modest speeds, but once you rev the engine hard, it starts growling, which reduces the charm of this car. At high speeds too much of wind noise makes the ride bothersome.
This car scored well in the MPG fuel economy test, by gaining the average of 54.6mpg. Grey plastic is used to make the cabin which looks durable, but not much classy though, but this car holds the name of Toyota, therefore you can never get disappoint, with the quality of the material used. This car is geared up with top class security and safety kit, and it has also gained five star rating in the Euro NCAP crash test.
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