2014 Toyota Avensis Saloon Review

The petrol edition comes with less low rev and it has to be worked further. For a better and faster pick-up, you could choose the 2.0 diesel engine. However the 2.2 litre edition doesn’t remains much faster and quicker in its performance. The auto gear changeover in the 2.2 diesel engine is also available, but it remains a bit slower in its performance.
Avensis gives a comfortable feel and look when compared to its rivals. It is just complete to the par while driving it straight in the motorway speed. The steering precision gives better grip when riding it even in the bends.
It scores 3 star rating out of 5, and the refinement is just generous while riding it in the town. You would find it slightly gruff however the diesel engine restrains the hum while riding it in the motorway. You would be slightly bothered when riding it at the higher speed, and rough roads will eventually intrude some road noise as well.
Besides the performance standard, the 2.0 diesel engine comes with the affordable and economical tariff when compared to the 2.2 diesel engine. Moreover the tax rates are also less in this model. Remember, they are not that good and efficient like the other family cars. Even the resale value is not that strong like the other car models.
It fails to give the feel good facto like the other competitor gives. The material and the design pattern remains very insipid than the other brands and models. It scores an average rating when it comes to reliability standard.
It has the side and front curtain bags. The steering column is protected with the airbag and hence gives complete protection to the driver knees. The stability controller, front head restraints are some potential additions which could protect the driver during the emergency situation.
This car has scored 4 star rating out of 5. It is not known for its significant style and elegance however the dashboard remains top in its use. The handbrake push buttons remain little strange. The comfortably designed driver seats and the adjustable backrest are great to use. It looks pretty good and appealing however it requires essential angular adjustments.
This car is not good enough in its space when compared to Mondeo from Ford. However this car offers enough legroom and headroom space! The floor remains much comfortable to the travellers and the boot space is not spacious as expected like the Mondeo.
It comes with air conditioning, input socket, Bluetooth, climate controller, icon trim, rear camera, digital radio and more.
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