2014 Toyota Auris Hatchback Review

Though there is proper arrangement to adjust the driver’s seat and the steering wheel, but even then you wish your seat went lower a bit. Dashboard in the car is geared up, with essential, and easy to operate controls. The touch screen given is not flowing at all, which is a bit disappointing. Rear view is not pleasant and clear because the rear windows are superficial.
This car does not contain the mammoth space as its competitors, but even after that, it is highly spacious, as it has sufficient headroom and legroom for a soothing ride. Backseats can get slouch as per your need, to endow you the comfy seating posture. Boot space is also appreciable, and it gets even better, with folded seats. You can split the space in two, with the coordinating floor.
You can pick your desired one from Active, icon, Sport and the Excel. Active model comes with CD player, remote locking, Electric front window and AC. In the Icon model you will get the DAB radio and alloy wheels. At the vertex of model, you will get the leather finish dashboard, sensing lights and wipers etc.
You can select from the two petrol engines offered, one is 1.33 liter 99bhp, which is not much swift, and the other is 1.6 liter 130bhp, which is not that much dapper, until you swirl it hard. While the 1.4 liter 89bhp diesel engine, is not nippy as well. With the convenient hybrid driving style it is speedy enough.
Handling is average, and it is not that much comfortable like its competitor For Focus, the steering wheel is also unable, to bestow the extremely comfy experience, while holding it. It does not stifle well the bumps on the roads.
Petrol engines are quite noisy at highway speeds, though the diesel engines are quite at such speeds, but they are dissonant in city. Wind and road noise is the other big problem in this car, at highway speeds.
Though you do not get the large discount on the price of this car, but it holds a good resale value. You will please to know, that it is exempted from the LCC and road tax, albeit you have to spent huge amount, for its ownership. It comes with 5 years of warranty; it also had got top numbers in the survey conducted by the JD Power in 2012. Stability control and security airbags are helpful, to protect you, from any unwanted situation. It has also got maximum stars in Euro NCAP crash test.
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