The top celebrities’ most expensive cars.

Celebrities don’t save money on anything. Stars’ expenses become really incommensurate if  it comes to cars and traveling comfortably. Such celebrities as Madonna, Kanye West and Bruce Willis are owners of the  most expensive cars in the world. Stars keep buying newer makes more and more. For example, the footballer David Beckham, native of the Foggy Albion, is waited at home by a Bentley in duplicate, a BMW, a Range Rover, a Lamborghini and, more over, a trio of Harley-Davidson racing motorbikes.

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  1. kathy lewis

    no one cares

    why don’t you , give some of your money, the people, who are starving in this country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Don A Bailey

    This is just stupid!!! You show the cars but never say who the owner is! There were only a few celebrities I knew. What is the point of showing celebrities cars if you don’t say who the celebrity is??? Also the last two pages don’t even show a car,,, just a really stupid web page.

    • Rright on! This was my issue also!

    • Don, I agree 100%. Except for a few people I knew “none of them.” How about who they are. How about what type of car, and the cost. OH, and the last two pictures were great. They looked to me like 2 polar bears in a snowstorm. Better known as a blank white page. Looking at this site made me feel just as lame, and as stupid as the article itself.

  3. Kevin Prevatte

    I wish we could sue yalls type of pages for the time I waste on misguided posts

  4. Donald P. Sevin Jr. Tomato The Hacker the one of the car tomato don’t say any thing “Ferrari tomato the hacker

  5. Allen Lawson

    Most are stupid

  6. Ok, so the second car is a Ferrari with some apparently famous person driving it (no name given) and she is clearly looking/playing on her cell phone. Does being famous excuse one from getting a ticket?

  7. Lame, half of these are promo shots, sponsorships.


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