2014 Tesla S Model Review

It gives a supercar pace with utmost ease and in near complete silence. A luxury saloon, it is capable of 0- 60 mph in just 4 seconds. It comes with one forward gear, you just have to select ‘Drive’ and press the accelerator. Other versions are less fast.
Being a big and heavy car, Tesla S handles good with a nice body Roll and lots of grip. It will definitely give you a relaxing and engaging tour. It has a suspension which deals with potholes and the ride is comfortable on the motorway. Only bumpy urban roads can be a bit problematic.
It does not create any engine noise so you can very well focus your attention on other areas. But at a higher speed there can be some tyre noise and some wind noise.
Tesla S has no direct rivals but it has a competitive price when compared to a hybrid or luxury saloons. Model S is free from road taxes and congestion charges and offers fuel economy. The huge battery pack can take up to 30 hrs from a domestic socket. You can always pay extra for faster chargers.
The entire assembly and quality of material is good and comes with 4 years of warranty. The warranty of battery ranges from 125,000 miles to eight years/ unlimited miles. With so many models making accurate assessment of its reliability is tough.
Safety equipment is good and comes with 6 airbags and stability control as standard.  An immobiliser and alarm is also fitted in it.
The cabin is comfortable and forward visibility is good. But your rearward view might be restricted by thick pillars and narrow rear window. All the control of the car is accessed through a large 17 inch colour touch screen which is present in the middle of the dashboard. The entire system is simple to use.
Tesla S is longer and wider than Porch Panamera, giving enough room to accommodate 5 adults. It comes with a large boot in the rear and you can fold rear seats flat.
It is equipped with kits that you would expect in a luxury car. Apart from standard it comes with internet connectivity and non internet dependent sat nav. There is a dual zone climate control, reversing camera, etc.
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