2014 Skoda Octavia Review

Octavia is rich and comfortable enough. It never thumps in the cabin however it bumps than it happens in the VW Golf. It doesn’t goes agile like the Ford Mondeo. Remember the body never bounces in the twists and turns whereby the driver will get the ultimate grip.
The petrol car remains very smooth and serene however the diesel engine brings little noise while comparing with the VW Golf. The vibration will be little more while pedalling it. You will even experience wind noise while riding it on the motorway however the road noise is very subdued. The gear changeover could be easily made and moreover it remains very exact and smooth.
If you think that the basic 1.2litre petrol car will scramble to draw further, then its not the actual case so. It moves with the great move even while riding it in town. The 1.6 diesel engine is just good however most would prefer the Greenline edition. It comes with 6 speed gear changeover rather than the usual 1.6 speeder.
The overall cost of this car is quite less to own however the running cost is huge when compared to its competitors. The basic model 1.2 TSI cuts off the VW Golf with a decent chunk. This huge and big sized car remains fuel efficient which is something impressive too.
The cabin shames those high priced cars for its excellent finishing and quality standard. This car would be a decent match to the VW Golf as well. The materials used in designing the car are much solid and they don’t have enough gap in the panels too.
It comes with 7 airbags, rear airbags are even found as an additional inclusion. You can even find the electronic breakforce, stability controller and various other safety features. This car has scored 5 star rating in the NCAP Euro crash test.
The cabin adjustment and the steering controller lets the drivers to use the car in all shapes with complete ease. A few people will tend to expect shoulder assistance while getting in, however the seats remain usually supportive. The dashboard is laid comfortably and the infotainment system is just great around.
It remains pretty closer in its space and size when compared to Mondeo from Ford. It can accommodate 6 adults and the legroom space is quite generous. The boot space is just huge and there is no suspension found even at the rear seats.
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