2014 Skoda Fabia Estate Review

The Skoda Fabia Estate comes with assorted choices including the 69bhp, 103bhp and 84bhp petrol versions. For even better demands that are being graded on this car, you could consider the powerful 1.6 turbo diesel engines which give the 104 and 89bhp. For a better and stronger performance, the vRS version with the hot hatch is just brilliant to consider.
The Estate from Skoda looks simply amazing in its class and look, however remains very compact in its look. You could easily ride it in the city as well without compromising the comfort. You could experience the supple effect riding in the motorway and as well enjoy the comfort of riding the super car on the motorway. The steering is designed with complete grip and easily to handle by being light. Drivers could manage the steering even in any of those slippery conditions too.
You could experience a very less wind noise when riding at higher speed however the suspension noise hardly intrudes the temperament in the cabin. It is really frustrating when discussing about the engines, because the 3 cylinder engines are very noisy particularly when riding at lower speeds. However the actual culprit is the 1.9 diesel engine that gruff loud than the other diesel engines.
The Skoda Fabia is quite high in its price when compared to its competitors such as Renault Clio Estates and Peugeot 207. Moreover, Skoda dealers don’t really offer great discounts when compared to the other manufacturers. The demand of Skoda and the ardent fan it has, have made Fabia Estate a real demand amidst people. Regardless to the model you choose, you will never be kicked with the running cost. The most latest and upcoming Greenline II assures even better fuel efficiency.
The interiors are not that great as expected. The plastics remain very hard and moreover they don’t grab the attention of the people at all. Even the cabin would grim your face! Everything is screwed ultimately and of course Fabia owners are very satisfied and happy at its extent – the JD Power Survey explains.
Every model come along with dual airbags however you require a top-trim. The Euro NCAP crash test has rated 4 star out of five for the hatchback car. On the other hand, there is still no proper reviews and results for this estate car from Skoda.
It offers adequate space, while people can sit with the superior comfort. The legroom and headroom is spacious enough, whereby 4 adults could comfortably sit back and relax.
Basic cars will come with power windows in the front, remote lock, MP3 stereo. The SE models will have air conditioning, climate control, power windows both in front and back, multi functionality steering and more.
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