2014 Rolls-Royce Phantom Saloon Review

The prestigious Rolls Royce Phantom has scored 5 star rating in its performance. It merely weighs around 2.5 tonnes and moreover the space frame is just strong, as it is made out of high quality aluminium that doesn’t weight less than 300kg. Being designed with the BMW source of 6.8 litre with V12 compiled along with the 8 speed gear changeover, this car ensures excellent performance.
Its size is just breathtaking, as it looks very wide and good with a neat and attractive craftsmanship. The steering remains very exact and responsive, whereby it could adopt the faster and steady rides even in the bends. Sometimes, riding on the bumps will make the wheels flutter however the comfort of the ride is never spoiled at all. You can experience the superior comfort during your travel.
It is just amazing to see the wheels being serene like a library. You could never experience road noise when riding the car on any speed level. It moves very smooth and moreover the mechanical elements are designed just great with the ultimate look. Wind noise slightly intrudes however it is incredibly suppressed.
It might be a day dream for many car freaks to own this prideful Rolls Royce car, as the pricing is quite huge and unbelievable. Moreover the running costs is as well huge. People who look for comfort and richness will never bother spending the huge money for this car. Remember, you had to construct your own carriage because the car is enormously huge in its size.
Rolls Royce car has scored 5 star rating, when it comes to quality standard. Being completely designed in England, this car was completely engineered in Germany by the control of BMW parent company. Hence you get the best out of the richest! The cabin is designed with superior grade materials and as well the finishing is brilliant that goes beyond your expectation.
Like expected, this car is featured along with the hosts of airbags, electronic aids for the driver to prevent from breaking adds real fulfilment to your journey. On the other hand, it is quite a sad news that this car doesn’t includes the most advanced safety features such as blind spot monitoring and lane keeping assistance.
You can find the coach doors at the back and they are firmly attached at the back for making it comfortable and easier to move in and out. Since the car is quite high, it would eventually take a little time for managing the seats before getting out.
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