2014 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Review

It comes in a good size and weight and an unmatched engine too. With a 6.8 litre V12 and 8 speed gearbox you won’t want for performance. Acceleration is very strong and engine great on motorways.
The air suspension makes the ride hushed and extremely comfortable. The car handles the corners neatly and the steering is accurate and light. But it can be a bit problematic in narrow county roads and parking bays.
Refinement can be given a complete 5 star. You might expect it to be a library of wheels and most part of it is silent. The Drophead is silent. You will hear no road noise and all the mechanical components work silently and smoothly. Whether you are moving it in the town or accelerating to a motorway speed, the engine remains inconspicuous.
Owning a Rolls Royce is not an illusion. You need to shed a massive balance from your account to own this wonderful car. The running costs are again high. You need a good parking space and a large enough garage as the car is enormous.
Styled in England and engineered in Germany by parent company BMW, it no doubt is the best. The materials in the cabin is great and the aroma that of pure Rolls. All the fits and finish is on a higher level. Assembly standards are also nice without any mechanical problems.
Phantom open comes with numerous airbags and electronic driver protects you from smashes. Although it does lack some latest safety options, for example, blind spot monitoring and lane keeping assist.
The seat is at an appropriate level giving a perfect view of the road ahead. Although swooping roofline and small mirrors may restrict the rear view. It comes with a 3D navigation display and a front, rear and top view camera.
Inside the space is good but in the rear it is not as good as you might expect. The boot is not large either.
Being an old version it lacks some of the current features like automatic parallel parking and head up instrument but it is very well equipped. Its bespoke programme gives you a lot of scope for customization. But you can get anything you want, at a price.
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