2014 Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe Review

Its sheer size and weight requires a special engine. And it is equipped with that. The 453 bhp 6.75 litre V12 gives a good and a strong acceleration.
The air suspension makes the ride hushed and extremely comfortable. The car handles the corners neatly and the steering is accurate and light. But it can be a bit problematic in narrow county roads and parking bays.
Refinement can be given a complete 5 star. You might expect it to be a library of wheels and most part of it is silent. You will hear no road noise and all the mechanical components work silently and smoothly. Whether you are moving it in the town or accelerating to a motorway speed, the engine remains inconspicuous.
The running cost is pretty high. There are no discounts that we have heard of but resale value is very strong. The fuel gauge will be a more prominent indicator of your fuel consumption as you will average just 17.9 mpg.
Styled in England and engineered in Germany by parent company BMW, it no doubt is the best. The materials in the cabin is great and the aroma that of pure Rolls. All the fits and finish is on a higher level. Assembly standards are also nice without any mechanical problems.
It comes with a sophisticated electronic locking unit which makes sure the door does not open into the path of a following car. It also comes with many active and passive security features.
The seat level is good and the driver gets a good view of the road ahead. The swooping roofline limits the rear visibility. It has a single twist knob controlling all the major heating, information functions and entertainment. But the electronic seat controls are absurdly located.
It comes with a coach door which opens towards the rear making it easier to get in and out. Space is good but not vast at the rear end. It comes with a split tailgate too allowing you to park up and use the lower section as a seat.
The list of equipments that Rolls provide is endless. Rolls will sell anything that you may want as long as you are ready to shell out money.
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