2014 Rolls-Royce Ghost Saloon Review

The performance of the Rolls Royce car has got five out of five stars. By this rating of the car, you would come to know the performance. This Rolls Royce Ghost Saloon includes V12 based 6.6 liter twin turbo engine. This twin turbo engine is similar to the BMW 760Li. And the Rolls Royce is coupled with the 8 speed ZF automatic gear setup box. The most interesting factor of the car is it contains 563bhp engine.
The ride and handling of the Rolls Royce car has got four stars out of five. This rating will tell you that the Rolls Royce is a fair option with respect to rating and handling. The Rolls Royce car includes recent and latest electronic system and chassis components which makes your ride easy with the car. This car will make the drivers comfortable while driving.
The refinement of the Rolls Royce car has also got four stars out of five as like ride and handling. While driving at high speed you can hear mild air noise but it will not create that much annoyance. In between the passenger and engine bay, double bulk head is placed. The bulkhead will be responsible for the smooth driving. And the refinement of Rolls Royce car will be never go out of your taught.
The Rolls Royce Ghost Saloon is worth buying with respect to the 21mpg fuel economy engine. The fuel economy engine is one of the attractive characters in this car. If you are the people who look for comfort and convenience then you can buy this Rolls Royce car. The cost is somewhat high but looking at the factors and comforts designed in the car, you would not think the cost is high.
The quality and reliability of the Rolls Royce car has again five out of five stars. While comparing to the BMW 7 series, the Rolls Royce Ghost is far better with respect to the specifications. The functions of the car are based on the BMW but the design is Rolls Royce. The class and quality of the car can be seen through the dashboard buttons, exceptionally designed doors and artistic deco lights.
The safety and security of the car is exceptional and it has got five stars too. This car contains automatic cruise control, anti theft protection system, perimeter cameras and blind spot warning system.
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