2014 Renault Zoe Hatchback Review

Electric cars are devoid of gears that offers you the benefit of smooth and nice progress from the 87bhp motor. It will be better to consider the range of Zoë that is 130 miles or the 90 miles is more realistic to avoid the frustration regarding the awkward brake responses.
At lower speed you will have a nice pleasant ride. It will effectively absorb all the bumps and jerks even of the broken surfaces. Although the faster drives may be a bit less composed but still it will offer you some smooth corner turns.
The refinement of the electric cars is far beyond the emission and fuel savings they offer. It will suppression all the various noises and will provide an outstanding resistance from the disturbance. You might notice noise at the faster speed as it lack engine noise.
Zoe is really an excellent and cheaper option for all the potential buyers. It offers you the replacement option for the battery if it upto 75% of the new one.  It provides a good range of 130 miles and can be full charged within 1 hour.
Zoe offers you the great reliability with its lesser moving parts in comparison to the combustion engine. It have the durable lithium ion battery. Apart from the cheap feeling plastic at handbrake lever and door handles, the cabin is quite solid and sleek looking.
Renault Zoe hatchback has scored five stars in the euro NCAP rating. It is equipped with four airbags along with the ESP that emits some external noises to warn the pedestrians regarding the movement of car.
The airy and light cabin will offer you a lot of adjustments regarding the steering and the seats but might the lack of height adjustments might irritate the tall drivers. The cool and glossy upright Centre will act as the focal point of the dashboard. Forward visibility is absolutely clear.
All the back passengers may suffer a bit discomfort if the front seat is occupied by a taller adult.  But the car is designed to provide maximum comfort to the kids for a longer journey.
Leather steering wheels, Teflon treated interior, rear parking camera, high upgrade, and remote activation of heat are the unique equipment which makes this car different from the others.
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