2014 Renault Megane Coupe Review

Carriageable regime of seating and steering wheel uplifts the level, of comfort while driving. There is also satiety support, to make you stop sliding while cornering. Dashboard is not appealing because it look fussy. The rear visibility does not stand, up to the standards at all.
Sufficient space is available upfront, but the declining roofline makes seating uncomfortable at rear seats, in fact a person of more than average height has to crouch, at the rear seat to get adjusted. Legroom also carries the same situation i.e. it is far distant from comfort all in all. Boot space is adequate.
Starting level model Expression+ comes with alloy wheels, USB sockets, Bluetooth, and AC. The Dynamique Tom Tom is geared up with Bluetooth stereo system, smart wipers and lights, satellite navigation, and cruise control. In the top variant GT Line Tom Tom you will get electrically folding door mirrors, dual-zone climate control and distinct look altogether.
Petrol variants come with the 1.6 liter 109bhp petrol engine, but if you wish to talk with winds, then there are two spectacular petrol engines for you, one is 1.2 liter 114bhp and the second one is 2.0 liter 261bhp. In the diesel engines you can pick from, 1.5 liter 89bhp, 1.5 liter 109bhp and 1.6 liter 129bhp.
It turns in to bends dapperly, but the steering is less responsive. Body control is good, but you pay, for this steadiness, with dense ride.
Road and wind noise should get fixed, because they degrade the class of driving experience for sure. Ambiguous gearshift is the other feature that should get refined, for a sebaceous ride.
This car can be yours at cheaper price than its competitors. You can also avail good discount, from your dealer, and the running cost of this car is easily affordable, but there is one drawback i.e. the resale value of this car is not that much ravishing. If you look at the cabin, then you can sense, that rich class material is used, to bestow it a majestic finish. In the survey conducted by the JD Power, Renault was rated above average, for its sheer credibility. For security you will get the stability control feature and air bags, it also has front seat airbags, which can help you to protect, from slipping under the seatbelts, in any unwanted situations. You also get deadlocks and alarm, for theft protection.
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