2014 Proton Gen-2 Hatchback Review

Two petrol engines of 110bhp 1.6-litres and 74bhp 1.3-litres are available. The 5 speed manual is provided with both of them. Automatic gearbox is optional in the 1.6 version. It provides you a nice and decent urge at all the speed but will perform best at the highest revs.
Proton-owned lotus has contributed a lot in development of gen-2’S chassis. It facilitate a smooth suspension drive for striking a good balance between the corner composure and comfort ride. The steering reacts quit quickly to the inputs and the grip is also nice.
In terms of refinement this car doesn’t performs well.  It usually plagues the engine noise. It will bring out the insistent coarse tone even with the gentle pressure. Wind noise is present but very nominal at motorway speed.
Proton gen-2 hatchback comfortably undercut the price of all the competitive rivals. Although the resale value is not that strong that is just 30% of its original cost after the span of three years. Its average fuel consumption is a satisfactory.
The interior of the cabin is poorly finished with the not so appealing shiny and hard plastic whereas many controls are having the insubstantial flimsy feel leading to a disappointing overall build quality. But the styling of the cabin is quite modern and clean.
It lacks curtain bags, stability controller and deadlocks that are always considered as the basic safety tools. But gen-2 is fitted with the anti-lock brakes, twin-front airbags and side bags.
Behind the wheels the driver might have to go through a bit of struggle for comfort. Although the driving seat and the steering wheel both are highly adjustable but you might get it hard to balance them.  The layout of the dashboard is quite logical.
The legroom is decent but because the sloppy roofline there will be a bit congestion in the headroom. Even the person with the average height need to lean their neck forward to avoid touching the ceiling. It lacks glove box but the boot is of good shape and size.
At entry level, GLS cars includes equipment like CD player, remote central locking system, air-cons, alloy wheels, electric front window, rear parking sensors etc. GSX may add a smarter body kit, side air bags and electric rear window and door mirrors.
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