2014 Porsche Panamera Review

It comes with a 3.6 litres V6 or 4.8 litre V8 petrol engines and a hybrid that uses a 3.0 litre engine with an electric motor. V8 s and 4S is fast and the performance is effortless. Diesel is very flexible but with V6 petrol you might need to word hard with it.
You can easily switch between settings- comfort, sport or sport plus. An air suspension is equipped in GTS and Turbo models with similar settings. The ride is firm but with a supple speed.
No matter at what speed or which surface you are driving into, you will hardly hear anything from outside. Gearchanges from semi automatic is normally quick and effortless but it can be a bit clunky around the town. Between pressing the accelerator and moving away you might feel an annoying pause.
It is an expensive car although the V6 diesel version is the cheapest and comfortable too. You have to shed you large bank balance and it comes with less discounts. It comes with high emissions too. The hybrid has fuel economy but its high price makes it a less preferred choice.
It gives absolutely comfortable and the cabin has an air of quality. It has a good finish and fit. Many of the Panamera’s parts have been tried and tested.
All Panamera model comes with a complete driver’s aid with a stability control keeping all the power in check. It comes with 8 airbags, 10 in turbo. All Panamera comes with a sophisticated vehicle tracking system.
Porsche Panamera comes with an electric seat adjustment, giving the driver a comfortable position. There is a button for each and every function and covered with switches.
It is one of the most practical sports car but definitely don’t expect miracles. Four adults can sit easily and it comes with lot legroom in the back seat. The bootspace is not much big and it has an unusual and awkward shape.
The entry level has luxury toys that you will expect at this price. It has a satellite navigation, parking sensors, 18- inch alloys and cruise control. Higher spec model and more power and items improving your car’s dynamic ability but the luxury kit could have been much better.
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