2014 Peugeot 508 SW Review

You will get supportive seats, with several highly utile adjustments, for steering wheel and seats, though the driving seat may not be completely comfortable, to all the drivers, because it is fixed too close, to the floor, even after adjusting it to the extreme. Visibility is not that much good at all, but the dashboard is quite logically designed.
There is more than adequate space, for 4 tall demos along with, their luggage. Headroom and legroom both are convenient enough, for a smooth ride. It also has 560-liter boot space, which is decent, but not as large as in Mondeo. Rear seats cannot go flat completely.
You can choose your car out of 5 variants available, which are Access, SR, Active, Allure and GT. In Access you will get USB socket, 4 electric windows, and AC. In SR you will also get satellite navigation, Bluetooth, cruise control and alloy wheels. In Active and Allure variants you would not get satellite navigation system though, but some other luxurious features. GT is geared up, with all desired features, which you wish in a range top model.
In petrol variants you have two options to choose from, one is 1.6 liter 118bhp petrol engine and the next one is 1.6 liter 154bhp turbo petrol engine, but you should also look at four options in diesel engines as well, which starts from 1.6 liter 110bhp diesel engine, it performs exceedingly well, the next one is 2.0 liter 138bhp diesel engine, whose performs is stronger, than the starting diesel variant. You can also upgrade, to the other two options available, which are 2.0 liter 161bhp and 2.2 liter 201bhp diesel engines.
Steering wheel is considerably responsive, and the body movements are well tackled by the strong suspension. Refined set-up of front suspension makes the GT version sharper by all means, though you sense the ride is a bit unsettled at all the speeds in every model.
At motorway speeds, wind-noise can interrupt in your calm driving. Suspension makes more than audible sound on poor roads.
Running cost of this car is pocket friendly undoubtedly, you will also get noticeable discount while buying it. Interior is supremely designed; therefore you witness powerful control, elegant material, and attention to detail inside. It has earned the five-star crash test rating of Euro NCAP. It has front, curtain and side airbags. Stability control is another prime feature of this car. All the variants come, with deadlocks and anti theft alarm.
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