2014 Peugeot 308 Hatchback Review

It has double 1.6-litres diesel. The 114 version is quite flexible. The power output of the 154bhp 1.6-litres turbo is truly amazing. 80bhp 1.2 and 123bhp version of 1.6 turbo petrol models are yet to left.
Although the models with the 18-inch wheels are less comfy but still the 308 rides quite well. It’s a bit disappointing that the steering is a little uncertain. Therefore it will not be a good idea to go for motorways and back roads.
114bhp 1.6-litres stays calm until it is rev hard. But the 91bhp diesel creates more vibration and sound through the pedals. You may have to face the wind sound during the motorways speed and the uncertainty of vague of the manual gear box.
It offers you a decent discount even at the most competitive price. Diesel models are the economical cheap ideal company cars because of low CO2 emission. The Peugeot 308 hatchback offers you an average resale value.
Smartly trimmed cabin. But the scratchy plastic under the centrally mouthed touch screen and the swathe of hard are some cost cutting signs. The brand has got the reliable marks in the JD Power customer satisfaction survey but the 308 model is new, yet not featured in it.
It has all the crucial safety equipment but also has some extra desirable packs that makes it unique. The extra includes the automatic braking system and the adaptive cruise control system. The alarm, deadlocks and the immobilizers are the inclusions of the security kit.
The wheel top will not create hindrance in the view of the Speedo in 308 models. Peugeot 308 hatchback model has the touch screen featuring large easy to operate icons. No separate control for the air-conditioning available. You may found it a bit fiddly to operate some of the provided mirror function on the move.
308 can accommodate around 470-litres of luggage. Although 6 people can be seated but it will be quite uncomfortable for them. The optional panoramic glass roof will make the rear headroom tight.
Bluetooth, air conditioning and the digital radio is provided. But the active trim can provide you the sat-nav, rear parking sensors and wheel alloys. Although the allure models are more expensive but offers you the high standard features too.
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