2014 Nissan Qashqai Crossover Review

Being designed with 1.2litre 114bhp petrol engine, it matches comfortably well in city driving. You indeed have to manage quick in order to confront the traffic in the busiest road. The most sought after is the 109bhp 1.5litre diesel engine, which doesn’t remain quick however it bestows smooth and sensible drive out. Also it remains good enough even during the lower revs. Hence you had to work little hard for the engine’s performance.
Being featured with the Qashqai controls, the body movements are easy to handle all through the corners. The steering remains stable and weighs comfortably while you turn and move the wheel. It would give a jittery effect while driving it in the town and particularly on the patchy surfaces. However when riding on the motorway roads, it would remain very smooth and comfortable.
SUV ultimately stands out ahead when it comes to the refinement standard. The 1.5 diesel car and the 1.2 petrol engine remains very smooth and serene while driving at high revs. Wind noise and road noise are perfectly under control when riding at the motorway. The only thing is that the 1.6 diesel engine falls a bit down and remains stertorous and even gives a vibration effect while pedalling it. The gear changeover moves perfectly and as well the brakes remain moderate in all the models. It gives an impressive performance indeed.
Remember it is not cheaper to get it however the resale value is just great. It remains fuel efficient which eventually attracts the car users.
The dashboard and buttons remains very sensible and classic, while handling it at strong moves. This model is quite new to add the JD power and the reliability is just dramatic through its wonderful performance.
It comes with stability controller, 6 air bags, brake assistance, vision pack, lane adjuster, collision warning control and many more. It has even passed the 5 star rating in the NCAP crash test.
It comes with adequate adjustments with respect to steering and driver seat. The rear pillars and the dense front line will block your view  and the lumbar is adjustable which supports the top range version.
The boot space remains very generous and huge and as well the cabin remains much spacious. The rear seats could be folded flat even without flipping the seat bases.
Cruising controller, bluetooth, air conditioning are some efficient equipment it adds. However it misses a few essential kit. The top versions will include heated leather seats, self parking controller, LED lights, cameras in the front, rear and sides.
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