2014 Nissan Note Hatchback Review

This Hatchback car from Nissan has scored 3 star rating when it comes to performance. The petrol engine is perfectly charged and runs smooth on the road. It requires decent effort and drive out in order to ensure balanced progress. However, diesel is considered as the best in this regards, while it keeps you comfortable when keeping it in the sweet spot that lays lower down the rev range when compared to petrol.
It is not really funny to handle Note Hatchback from Nissan. The steering control is quite good and comfortable. The best thing is that, it remains consistent and precise while managing the steering control. Handling it is very light and you could easily move them with ease. The suspension remains absolutely stead and perfect, whereby it remains stable when managing them. The Note Hatchback even remains stable and good on the business UK roads as well.
When driving the car, you will sense the vibration while the handling pedals and steering in the diesel vehicle. Even the engine noise is quite frustrating when driving in the town. The petrol car remains polite and doesn’t bring forth any engine noise. It grumbles very less at low speeds which is affordable to manage as well. No matter about the version you select, you could experience the wind noise and negligible road noise at higher speeds.
It is quite affordable in budget. It fuel economy is just amazing and remains brilliant while riding over. The efficient engines, best insurance plans are something wonderful that provokes the car freaks to get this hatchback from Nissan.
When it comes to quality and standard, Nissan scores 4 star rating. The cabin remains classy and matches the upmarket when compared to Micra and Juke models. However, it doesn’t excite the riders or even doesn’t look really extravagant. It is more a kind of reliable car designed with the best quality. It remains brilliant than those previous old cars and the performance is up to the satisfactory level of the customers.
Nissan never compromises safety constrains ever! It comes with the stability controller and airbags along with. High trim Nissan cars are usually designed with around view monitor along with the protection shield. It also uses camera covering 360 degree view that covers the surroundings as well. This indeed helps while parking the car. The low speed manager is quite safe and easier for use.
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