2014 Mini Hatch Hatchback Review

You can find yourself immensely comfortable on the driver’s seat, because it is geared up with spontaneous range of adjustments, to the steering wheels and seat. Dashboard is quite elegantly designed, to endow it a mesmerizing retro appearance. Positioning of important controls is done for the aftermost easiness while driving. This car is also enriched with the latest and appealing system of infotainment.
Rear seats are not that much convincing at all, but two average adults can be easily adjusted, because of the sufficient leg and headroom, but they cannot feel the uttermost comfort in longer rides. Boot space is considerable, but comparatively less than its rivals. Though the boot floor can get raise up and lower, to adjust the space, as the situation demands.  Rear seats can also get folded, to add the plus in the boot space available.
Initial range i.e. Cooper carries USB socket, digital radio, Bluetooth, AC, keyless start, 15 inches stylish alloy wheels, therefore this model is in the wish list of people. With the Cooper S model you will get sporty seats, steering wheel with plume touch leather finish, and 16 inches alloy wheels.
Cooper has 1.5 liter 134bhp petrol engine, which always gives you astonishing performance on roads, every single time. It will give you such power-filled thrilling performance, which you generally get with the 3-cylinder engines. Cooper S comes, with the 2.0 liter 189bhp turbo engine, which is scarily fast for sure.
It does not perform as it should on sharp bulges and other barriers on roads. Front wheels look determine to follow any upswing, but the whole car seems, to skip side-ways over the mid corner bumps.
When you raise the accelerator to the speed of 70kmph then, there is bit of road noise, that should get refined, otherwise this car carries all the dreamed merits, which one desires in a small car.
This car is expensive a bit, though some variants hold the great resale value. You can grab the benefits of Mini’s TLC package, in which all the service costs get covered, for 5 years or 50,000 miles. Dashboard is crafted with remarkable delicate plastic, and the switch buttons carry the needed solidarity altogether. For upgrading the security standards inside, there is adaptive cruise control, stability control, collision warning sensor at the rear, six air bags. Anti theft alarm is also fitted in all models.
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