2014 MG MG3 Review

It comes with 1.5 litres of petrol engine which has to be revved hard enough to get it going. It revs very slowly making the entire procedure very tedious and laboured and it requires a lot of planning. Worst is, you might have to make loads of gearchanges to keep with the traffic.
Body control is good and there is a lot of grip. The ride is poor though. In bumpy roads and patchy surfaces, it can be a bit bad and is firm on motorway. At low speed steering is heavy and unresponsive at higher speed. But it is accurate giving you the confidence to place the car in bends fairly.
As you rev it up, you might encounter a loud noise and transmit vibration in the cabin. There is a lot of noise in the motorway but there is not much wind noise. It comes with a notchy gearshift.
MG3 is cheap to buy. The low insurance rating is a great deal especially among young drivers. It loses the value quickly and petrol engine has a bad fuel economy and Carbon dioxide emissions.
The interior of MG3 has a great quality. The plastics are scratchy and hard and items like doorhandles and gearlevels are cheaper and lightweight. It did not feature in the current JD Power customer satisfaction survey as not many cars were sold.
It comes with 6 airbags which is present in each and every model and an emergency brake assist and stability control. It also has an isofix childseat mounting points and a tyre pressure monitoring system. It also has an immobiliser and deadlocks, keeping it safe.
There is a lot of adjustment that you can do to the seat although the steering wheel does not move for reach. Visibility to the front and rear is good but the MG3 dashboard is laid out. Many of the buttons are simple to use but stereo is badly labelled.
It offers a good head and legroom space making long journeys comfortable. Boot space is average and an optional space saver spare wheel makes it very bad. The boot is square shaped and practical and you can fold the rear seat if you want to accommodate longer loads.
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