2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Saloon Review

The S63 and S500 are very fast but S350 Bluetec is cheaper and more fast and flexible. It also comes with a more powerful 3.5 litres petrol electric hybrid.
It comes with Merc’s optional Magic Body which studies the road ahead preparing the suspension for bumps and potholes.  Standard air suspensions offer a smooth drive. Body weight is controlled and the steering is weighted nicely.
The S350 is the most refined diesel engine whereas S63 and S500 emits a noise when accelerated but turns silent when you settle to a cruise. Every S class prevents wind noise even at motor way speeds. Road noises on certain surfaces can disturb some peace.
S350 bluetec diesel model has an average economy. S300 is all the more economical with lower carbon dioxide emissions. The S400 hybrid is also very good, S500 a bit expensive to buy and run.
Cabin has a beautiful finish with a detailing of high quality metal, nice switchgears and swathes of double stitched leather. It has a very contemporary look as the dashboard has 2 widescreen TFT displays with nice graphics.
It comes with lots of safety equipments like Pre safe system which uses seatbelts making the occupants find the best position if any inevitable crash comes in the way. Buyers can also purchase a night vision and a system which makes the S car follow automatically in front of traffic jams.
You can scroll through onscreen menus using the rotary dial that is situated in between the front seats. You can easily find and use shortcut buttons by the dial instead through the dashboard. Finding a comfortable driving position is also easy due to electrically adjustable seat which can be moved in any direction.
You will get enough passenger space particularly in long wheelbase models. There are many rear seat layouts consisting of a three person style bench seat and 2 individual chairs. It comes with fold out tables too for keeping drinks and snacks.
It comes with a good standard specification but you can add multiple optional extras. These include rear entertainment screens and a 24 speaker audio system, an adjustable fragrance system and heated motors for a great massage.
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