2014 Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake Review

You get a lower driving system in comparison to its rivals. Rear view is not tempting, because of slinky roofline. Infotainment system is a bit tricky to use, but it will become easier, once you will get used to it.
Boot is bit smaller in comparison to the rivals, but the boot-floor carries a massive storage compartment under it. Legroom is sufficient, but the headroom is not adequate, because of the low roof, though it is exceedingly wide and long.
Front and rear parking sensors, DAB radio, leather decor, satellite navigation and climate control are the standard features. AMG Sports variant has more steadfast suspension and other elegant upgrades. 63 AMG variant has several attractive upgrades and sportier appearance.
There are a fleet of 4 and 6-cylinder diesel engines and a quaint V8 petrol engine. Standard 7-speed automatic gearbox is ideally suited to the purpose. Both the diesel engines are good and acute performers on roads, but the monarch is 6-cylinder diesel engine, which is geared up, with 350 CDI.
It has optional air suspension. This car performs beyond expectations in bends, with sensational support of steering wheel. You can enjoy snug ride at all speeds. It tackles well the poor road surfaces, ruts and bumps.
Gearshift is smooth and lenient; there is no any road or wind noise. So all in all you can say that this car is made with out of the world excellence and supremacy.
Diesel variants hold very good fuel efficiency, and less CO2 emission, and the resale value of this car is equally astonishing. Materials used to craft the cabin are majestic, appealing and glistening with the shine of sheer class and artistic approach. This car comes with 9 airbags, and rear side airbags as option. Exclusive Mercedes Pre-Safe system, attention assist and stability control can be very handy safety measures, these features are standard, but there are some optional safety features as well, like , blind-spot monitoring, lane changing assist. Mercedes has made its social prestige, with its remarkable speedy and high performing cars, which can be more than mere good option for you. You can go for this straightaway.
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