2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA Saloon Review

120bhp with 1.6 power-packed turbo petrol is the starting range but still the diesel engine 168bhp in 2.1-litres is always regarded as the most popular option. The diesel is smooth at the low revs whereas the petrol ones are flat at the lower ones but become smooth and happier at harder revs.
This sport model provides you a comfortable suspension along with the smoother setup. The poor and bumpy roads might cause certain shimmies. Even the sharper handling of the suspension will not be able to save you from the choppier ride.
At motor speed, you may get some wind noise through the sides. On hard acceleration the engine starts sounding gruffly. For a quieter option you can surely opt for the petrol version.
Although the CLA appears to be expensive but it will be an economy-friendly choice for company car as the CO2 emission is just 117g/km. private buyer can go with the 130g/km but still its poor fuel economy will be a huge drawback.
The dash board is styled smartly and beautifully with the circular air vents. The cabin is just okay. Quite a solid car just the unusual large gap is inserted between the front door and B-pillar. In the reliability survey 2012, Mercedes has really not performed well.
CLA is accomplished with seven air bags, a radar-controlled collision prevention system along with the attention assist. Some other option like blind spot and lane-keeping assist system and adaptive headlights are also present.  It was awarded with maximum stars in the Euro NCAP test. Deadlocks and engine mobilizer are provided for security.
Behind the wheels the Mercedes Benz is having a number of menus but they are not laid properly so that they can be well operated on move. To provide the best and the most comfortable driving position, a range of adjustments are provided for steering and wheels.
The front is quite spacious while the short heighted couples can be easily accommodated in the back. The roofline is cut into the door opening; therefore you need to be careful while getting into the back.
Mercedes Benz CLA is a generously equipped car.  At entry level, this sport model comes up with rear parking sensors, 18-inch alloys, Bluetooth four electric windows, a USB socket etc.
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