2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Hatchback Review

The turbocharged 1.6 litre petrol engine comes with 120bhp and 154bhp while both the models gives exceptional pickup and remains flexible as well. The diesel engine with 1.8litre with the 108bhp and 134bhp has the solid mid range muscle
The B-Class slightly jitters while riding them on the shabby surfaces, whether you ride it on the blatting town or in the motorway. The sports edition which comes along with the bigger wheels and lower suspension are even exonerative. The body control remains tight and as well gives stronger grip, which makes your driving even secure and good particularly in bends.
The deluxe comfort matches the B-Class vehicle and it is even expected to have a better refinement as well. You can experience the wind noise being introduced and the big wheel ensures a better kick up and intrudes slighter road noise.
It costs huge money for buying this hatchback car when compared to the other manufacturers. The resale value is not really strong when investing huge in this class vehicle. Owners will tend to have it longer, because the cost and resale value are little incompatible.
The dashboard comes with the soft touch covering along with the door trimmers which together gives an amazing look and feel. Indeed it is the best hatchback car which comes with alluring look. The air vents gives a classier feel in addition!
Mercedes doesn’t compromises anything when it comes to safety and security standard. This is why it is graded with the B-Class standard. Even the basic models come with 7 airbags along with the stability controller which protects the rider and travellers all the time.
The adjustments are found enough in this model, whereby the steering wheel, driver seat could be adjusted until you get the ultimate comfort. The visibility overall is not that great however the windscreen will hide the view and even the rear windows are designed little shallow.
The room remains pretty average in its space patterns. Being designed with the executive class comforts both in back and front, this car comes with legroom comfort and head comfort as well. The boot remains generous with 488 litres where the sliding rear seats are could be chosen optionally.
It comes with the standard kit that has air conditioning, alloys, power windows, USB, Bluetooth, CD player, parking sensors and many more. You can even find the leather upholstery, reversing camera and xenon headlamps in those sports edition as well.
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