2014 Mazda 6 Saloon Review

It comes with 2 significant engine designs while both of them are designed with the state of art tuning. The 2.0 petrol engine is designed with 143bhp or the 163bhp while both of them come along with the manual gearbox with 6 speed controller. Even the lower engine powered models are available and they come along with 6 speed auto gearbox.
Being designed with the 6s suspension, they are primarily lined up on precision controls. The body is perfectly designed and hence gives ultimate grip. However the steering is designed light and gives a vague feel while riding it straight ahead. The firm edge emphatically remains visible, where you could feel the slight bumps when resting at the back. You could never see any great improvement when riding it on the highway, as there are so many things to channelise when riding on the motorway.
The engine refinement remains completely good when riding at the motorway speed. It intrudes a noise while being pushed with complete force and this entails that you will hear so much noise while you try to move forward with the complete speed.
The Mazda ensures less fuel consumption and thus it is proven to be fuel efficient. Even the carbon emission is figured to be low as well. The diesel editions with the 148bhp are just great when compared to the petrol editions.
The interiors and the cabin remain just great and appealing. The dashboard materials are not that great when compared to its competitors. It gives a solid feel and look and they remains strong and durable too. The reliability status of Mazda is not fair enough when compared to the other rivals of Japan cars.
It comes with curtain airbags, radar controller, brake support and more. All these will warn the driver when they are close and approaching any accidents.
This car is designed with the best and comfortable driver seat and even the dashboard is tidy and uncluttered. It comes with the best ventilation controls as well. The new touch screen system is not that encouraging as the navigations are quite hard and complex to handle.
The space is pretty decent both in front and back. Long legged people will find it little uncomfortable to sit in this car. The rear headroom is not that attractive as the external edge of the car tapers in.
It comes with air conditioning, daytime lights, touch screen infotainment, keyless start, rain sense wipers, rear parking sensors and climate controller.
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