2014 Mazda 3 Hatchback Review

Driver’s seat and steering wheel can be adjusted accordingly; therefore it is highly convenient for different height drivers, who can make their ride swift and comfy, with the desired adjustments. The dashboard is designed quite smartly by all means, as it has distinctly tagged buttons, and other utile functions, for the air conditioning system. Another extravagant merit is he seven inch touch screen, which is fixed on capitis of the dashboard, numerous high-tech functions can get controlled, by the touch of this screen, or, by the controller, in the mid of the front seats. There is just one drawback and i.e. the rear visibility is not that much pleasant, as it should be.
In front there is adequate headroom and legroom, which can make your ride, full of sheer class convenience, but at the rear seats; the situation is a bit different, because the sinking roofline and the uplifting window-line, the travelers can fell a bit fidgety. The seats can get laid to flat almost, to uplift the comfort and space for the longer rides.
The starting range SE model comes, with some spectacular features like Bluetooth, AC, two USB sockets, 16 inches alloy wheels and steering appended stereo control, it can be a good choice for you. If you go further to the SE-L range then you can get rear parking sensors, rain sensing wipers, smart xenon headlights, dual-zone climate control. At the extreme level models i.e. Sport Nav model, it includes the features like satellite navigation, keyless entry and parking sensors upfront.
If you look at the petrol engine then it has 118bhp 2.0 liter petrol engine, though it is not turbocharged, but it is a good performer on roads. If you look at the diesel variant, then it is geared up with 148bhp diesel engine, which is seriously efficacious.
The handling is not that much influential, because there are numerous body roll through the nooks. But overall it is decent in handling.
The engines are noisy; therefore they desperately need the refinement. Other things which can create hurdle in swift riding are the road noise and the wind sound coming in through the seals of the doors.
You can own this car because it is available at good price, and moreover the engines are quite competent, to perform well on roads. The dashboard is made with top class delicate plastic. Previous model of this car was rated above average, due to its mechanical excellence. It comes with tire pressure monitoring system, and six airbags. It also owned the highest star rating in EURO NCAP crash test. Alarm and smart locks are also fitted to strangle the thieves.
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