2014 Lexus CT Hatchback Review

The Lexus CT200h has a 1.8-litre petrol engine with the extra electric motor used when required and a CVT automatic gearbox to make the ride easy. However, the car is still an under-performer even after having these power sources. The Sport model too is slower than its expectations with the electric motor unable to help the engine at times.
The handling is no doubt above average with a nice grip and body control but the car lacks in giving a good ride as the steering is not accurate enough with the driver facing problems at twists and edges or at sudden turns. The entry-level S trim with 15-inch wheels provides with a disappointing ride which surprisingly is better that the F Sport version. The CT is not at all noisy when ran on battery power at low speeds. However, at rest of the times, the petrol engine is quite noisy. The car is far from being refined with the high amount of road noise barking inside the car.
The cheaper versions are well-labeled with easy buying when not in bulk. However, you will need to pay 3% surcharge on diesel engines which is in contrast to the rival cars. Thankfully, the CO2 emissions are quite low in contrast to the rival cars.
The car interiors feel a little cheap on quality with the switchgear damping and plastic used at some places. Seeing the cost of the car, these things seem unavoidable when expecting high quality allover. Reliability is a plus point of the car.
Eight airbags make the car really impressive in terms of safety offered. Stability control and other standard aids are present. The car has rightfully gained five star rating in Euro NCAP crash test.
All models comprise of a colored screen which is easy to use and user-friendly but still not impressive enough. Adjustable seats are there to help the driver. The space is enough for a small family with good amount of head and legroom at the back but with a setback that tall people wouldn’t be able to get enough space. The boot, already small is oddly made with the battery underneath the floor and the back seats.
Specifications are amazing with all the models having DAB radio, climate control, automatic wipers, Bluetooth and a color screen. There can be an addition of sat-nav without the irritating Remote Touch Control. Advance trim lets you have front and rear parking sensors, heated front seats and cruise system.
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