2014 Land Rover Range Rover Review

For a sports car performance go for supercharged V8 petrol. But you will also like V6 and V8 diesel models. Both gives a smooth drive and are fast. V6 gives a little inferior shove.
Range rover is extremely agile. It is very precise and confidence inspiring but in more strenuous driving situation it can be uncomfortable. In all you will get a supple ride and control which eludes many luxury saloons.
Refinement is Range Rover’s strongest plus points. It will isolate you from elements when you drive at a higher speed. It is extremely quiet and the cultured noise of V6 diesel is very impressive.
Range Rover no doubt is an expensive car. Neither will it be cheap to run or pay tax but V6 diesel is the most affordable one. Land range rover is expected to hold a good value especially if you go for V6 diesel engine.
The cabins are highly luxurious thanks to the excellent and high standard craftsmanship. Each and every material that you touch and feel is of premium quality making it a splendid luxury car.
Each and every version comes equipped with a sophisticated electronic system making you alert and conscious every time you drive on road. It has numerous equipments which protects you from harms and accidents and therefore stands best in safety and security. It has an anti theft technology which is state of the art.
It comes with an elegant simplicity. The driving position is perfect and the visibility is great too. All the four corners of the car is visible from the driver’s seat. Most of the functions are controlled by easy to use knobs and it has a nice touch screen infotainment system.
You can easily clamber into the rear seats and once you are installed you will have a good decent space. You can also deploy an optional executive seating pack with two separate seats. The boot is quite large.
There are 3 trim levels and all of them come with equipments that you would normally expect a luxury car to have. Autobiography comes with a plusher settings and a large choice of colour options. For a better quality leather trim you will have to shed some money.
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