2014 Kia Proceed Hatchback Review

It provides you three different options in which two are of petrol (a 1.6 T- GDi petrol turbocharged and 1.6 t-GDi non-turbo petrol) and the other is of diesel(1.6 CRDi diesel). Although the non-turbo petrol ones are quite inflexible in comparison to its turbocharged rival.
It’s quite disappointing that you can only enjoy the sporty look but not the sporty handling. You can just feel a heavier steering during the sport mode otherwise it’s quite slow. It also offers you three choices in the flexteer system.
For getting some meaningful output, when you will rev the engine (non-turbo one) hard then it will become vocal. You may also suffer from plenty disturbances from the turbocharged petrol too along with the noises of road and wind.
The Kia proceed hatchback has undercut the prices its rivals. The running cost of this supercar is quite competitive. The big size wheels and extra kits have caused a few negative aspects for emission and fuel economy.
Proceed is quite reliable and comfortable. The smartly trimmed cabin with the classy decorative and quality plastic speaks all. But the real grip is secured for the seats as they look a bit shabby and lacks the side support.
Unfortunately safety wise this 5 door ceed will not go so far as it lacks driver knee airbags and the city-braking assists. Although sufficient theft resistance is provided through the deadlocks, locking wheels and automatically door-locking functions.
User friendly dashboard along with extremely adjustable wheels and comfy seats are the impressive factors behind the wheel. Just the upsweeps of rear window and thicker rear pillar causes hindrance to the over the shoulder vision.
Unlike the other leading rival, Kia Proceed Hatchback has a nice six footers back also has a center rear seatbelt so that an third person can be easily squeezed in for shorter distance journeys. The driving position is also an ideal one and is quite relaxing. 308-litres of luggage can be easily placed inside the boot.
Everyone wants their car to be full of equipment. The kia proceed hatchback comes with a lot of needed equipment like reversing sensors, Bluetooth, cruise control, air-con and 16-inch alloy wheels. Apart from this it offers you the awesome iPod compatibility stereo along with the steering wheel mounted control.
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