2014 Kia Ceed Hatchback Review

Being designed with 133bhp over the tap, you might consider that 1.6 litre GDi Petrol engine will be much good and comfortable to move efficient on the road, however it is not that appropriate like the 9.9SEC 0-62MPH. It would be just great to have 126bhp along with 1.6 litre diesel which can even pull effectively stronger and revs smoothly. The motorway speed will also be under control.
This hatchback car comes with the best underpinnings which remains good and sophisticated like the usual European cars. They remain ultimate in its control. Remember, the suspension remains a little tad slack and it lets the bonnet to bob easily up and down. The steering inputs come with a wide delay and gap in-between.
Riders will have to rev the engine a little harder in order to get its kind of performance. Once when the rev is done, the vehicle turns very vocal. The firm and rigid diesel engine will insist less throttle pressure and moreover it lets you to stroke along with. Changing the gears and lessening revs and clatter mechanism is carried out efficiently well. Besides this, the road and air noise are quite isolated as well.
This hatchback car scored a star rating of 4 out of 5, while the pricing is also quite huge as well. When it comes to the standard kit, the cost spent for this hatchback is definitely quite and aggressive. It comes along with 7 years warranty and even gives reassurance too. Also blend with the running cost, it has no negative impacts in its resale value.
The quality and standard of this Ceed car is just brilliant and good. The only concern is about the seats, which looks really cheap and as well doesn’t have its side support. The neatly trimmed cabin with ultimate soft touch plastics is just adorable. The awe-inspiring decorative panels ensure the richness and grandeur of the vehicle.
It has scored 5 star rating when it comes to safety constrains. It includes all the standard equipments like electronic stability control, airbags, hill start assist and many more. The only distress is that, it doesn’t offer any extra addition in the safety kit. You could never find driver’s knee airbag or braking support as well.
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