2014 Jaguar XJ Saloon Review

It comes with two petrol engines- a 503 bhp 5.0 V8 and 335 bhp 3.0 V6. Both are very quick but 3.0 V6 diesels is a better option to go with. With its meaty torque reserve you will get a relaxing and comfortable drive.
It is lighter and agile. It comes with a nice accurate steering making you forget that you are driving something well over 5 metres long. But it comes with a drawback. It gives a firm low speed ride. It is less comfortable.
At idle state there is some chatter from the diesel engine but when you accelerate it hard you will hardly hear any noise from twin exhaust pipes. On the motorway you will hear some wind noise which is unfortunately not hushed.
Jaguar XJ is cheaper. Resale values are estimated to be good. With diesel model you will get a good 47 mpg but if you plan to buy petrol engines then you need to have oil barons in store.
Jaguar XJ comes with a remarkable interior quality and everything is solidly constructed. Most of the materials are pretty swanky. Everything is built of aluminium.
Its safety and security is the best. With comes with newest electronic driver aids and multiple airbags for protection. Bonnet is sprung loaded protecting pedestrians during collisions. There are lots of security detergents too at your disposal. All these equipments enhance its safety and security features.
It comes with beautiful lavish veneers with traditional ingredients. Complementing these ingredients there is Jaguar’s signature, touch screen infotainment system, rising rotary gear selector and digital instrument dials. The electrically adjustable seat will give you an easy comfortable position. Rear visibility is bad due to swooping roofline.
In the front, there is lots of head and legroom space but in the rear things are not very good and impressive. The headroom is not good but there is massive legroom. You can pack loads of luggage in the 520 litre boot.
It comes with all the standard equipments. Apart from having a good climate control, leather and wood you will enjoy features like xenon headlights and keyless go. It even has touch screen infotainment system. It also features 8- inch LCD screen and a remote control for the touch screen.
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