2014 Jaguar XF Sportbrake Review

XF gives you the entry-level 2.2 diesel engine with either 161bhp or 197bhp and both the variants are great for company car use. Moreover, the 3.0 V6 diesel cars give more of a sporty feel. It is available in 237bhp or 271bhp with the former one better.
The car is a bit stiff at low speeds but when the speed is increased gradually, the car gives you a superb ride with not an inch of effect on its performance by bumps, unevenness and rookieness of the road. The handling of the car is beyond imagination with amazing grip and accurate steering and also great body control with perfection on all kinds of road situations.
Having being worked hard on to decrease noise with the deep baritone exhaust, some noise can still be heard from the engine. It comes as a total surprise as the Sportbrake works amazingly in preventing the road and wind noise.
The price of Sportbrake is completely worth and apt seeing the specifications they have provided with lots of generosity. The resale value of the car is also good.
Electronic systems are present to prevent accidents with airbags to mitigate the effect of any. A bonnet that springs at collision is also present. Plenty of security features are present giving you enough safety and security.
The most impressive and eye-catching features of the car are the rotary gear selector, pulsating starter button and rotary vents. The driving position is perfectly made with the impressive dashboard, however, the touch-screen infotainment system seems pretty low standard when compared to the interiors as a whole. The rear visibility is also poor.
The car is pretty spacious with good head, shoulder and leg room, however, the transmission tunnel works negatively for the rear passengers making it a two-passenger seating arrangement. The boot floor is perfectly shaped such that maximum space is utilized but the not-so-perfect roofline makes it a bit shallow. The space is not so good overall.
XF Sportbrake impresses you in this category with a long list of standard specifications. It gives you climate control, Xenon headlights and keyless go. Many models also provide with a powered rear tailgate and touch-screen satellite-navigation with voice control. In short, the features are plenty with a variety of modern technology equipment.
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