2014 Jaguar XF Saloon Review

It comes with 2.2 diesels and 3.0 V6 diesel engines. 3.0 V6 diesel is ideal suiting the car’s sporty character. Lower powered version is much better.
At lower speeds you will get a firm ride especially if you add the optional adaptive suspension. At a good and decent pace you will experience an exemplary balance of suppleness and control. It comes with a sensitive steering, great fluid handling and a lot of grip giving you a pleasurable journey.
You will experience a very less wind and road noise on the drive way. It comes with a refined long distance cruiser. The diesel comes with a smooth 8 speed automatic gearbox.
It has a competitive price considering the standard equipments and resale values are very strong. But other executives are more cleaner and economical making them much cheaper company cars.
It comes with a stitched leather dashboard and aluminium and wood furnished door cappings and a nice blue mood lightning. But some panels are cheap and the assembly is not when compared to the BMW standards.
It has all the safety and security equipments and much more. It has systems minimizing effect of accidents and avoiding one too. It has a bonnet that springs in collisions. There are all the security kits making it a great investment.
Jaguar XF comes with a great dashboard but there are few issues. It can be tough to hit the touch screen icons while on the move and the menus are a bit confusing. Rear visibility is neither good too. But you will have a superb driving position which can be adjusted electrically.
To get a coup like roofline you will have to sacrifice some headroom and the transmission tunnel makes it a car for two instead of three in the back. Short people don’t have to worry, only tall adults will suffer. It comes with a legroom which is just fine. There is a proper and good boot with a minimum of 500 litres of space and the rear seats can be folded down so that you can enlarge it.
It comes with all the standard equipments. Apart from having a good climate control, leather and wood you will enjoy features like xenon headlights and keyless go. It even has touch screen satellite navigation.
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