2014 Infiniti Q50 Saloon Review

This car comes with 2 engines while one is the 2.1 litre diesel engine and the other one is the 3.5 litre petrol engine with electric hybrid. The electric hybrid remains swift and rapid however the diesel remains very competitive in its pace. It remains flat in the revs and remains boosty as well.
The steering system remains very adaptive like the expensive models. It even lets you the change the weight and stability of the steering. The actual setup is quite good however it remains little artificial. The Q50 diesel engine performs very well however the rear wheel remains little uncomfortable and raucous.
The diesel engine remains unrefined and it is simply classy in its standard. There arises much vibration particularly at the low speed drive out. The manual gearbox is not that captivating and it remains rough to use. The optional automatic gear changeover remains very smooth even at normal speed. It remains a bit slower to respond during the other times as well. The auto gearboxes is ultimate in its performance and remember it exhibits tyre noise during the high speed travelling.
The Q50 diesel engine falls short when compared to the other cars when it comes to carbon emissions. It remains very costlier and it hiring contract rate is just huge as well. The resale value is very less and moreover the servicing cost is also huge. It would even cost several pounds when compared to the rivals. When considering the hybrid car, the price ensures the performance however the non-hybrid range seems to be much better to ride away. They are even cheaper and efficient to run on the roads.
The seats and dashboard are just ultimate and it maintains its class and quality. The poor door handlings are quite cheap in its look. This car has good credit and reputation in America, and hence the car promises everything required.
The alarm controller, brake assistance, 6 airbags are some of the best additions that ensures safety and security as well. You could go with the optional safety shield pack for getting the best equipment as well. The warning system will helps in protecting you from the blind spot and the lane departure are just the best addition that would protect you from collisions.
It is just comfortable when it is comes to Q50. It could accommodate 4 people with the best comfort. The boot space is generous and it remains deeper than being wider. The opening of this car is little narrow and the hybrid boot is little smaller as well.
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