2014 Hyundai i30 Tourer Review

118bhp in 1.6-litres is the only petrol engine available. But in diesel 2 are provided: 1.6 either with 126bhp or with 109bhp. Dropping the engine below 1700rpm can be annoyingly flat. The standard gearbox is actually a six-speed manual but the automatic once are provided with the low powered diesel and petrol ones.
Supple suspension present that will easily cope up with all speed even with the uneven surfaces. Plenty of grips are provided; even at the bends you will not experience much leaning. The uncertain steering is just the drawback. Although a Flexteer system is provided to provide different weights for steering but it becomes confusing at times.
At the starting, the 1.6 engines rattle but beyond 4000rpm it acquires a slightly gruff edge. The unfortunate thing is the road noise that destroys the silence. The notchy gearshift and the rumbling of tyres at the low revs also contribute in making the ride noisy.
Price of i30 is slightly less than the ford focus estate but it is better equipped in comparison to that. Although we accept the fact that the Hyundai is not as capable as the focus but still all its power packed diesel versions are having low CO2 emission and is highly economical.
The dashboard of i30 is having a striking design but the entry level classic trim appears quite basic. Style nav, style, active are the three specs available that will offer you better material than ford focus. It has performed well in the recent reliability survey “what car?”
This car is pre-loaded with stability control and six air bags but still you have to pay some extra for the driver’s knee airbag. Although this car has managed to score full five stars in the Euro NCAP test but still regarded as worse in comparison of its rivals who get higher grades in certain areas.
Behind the wheel on the dashboard you can find some clearly marked buttons which are of quite large size. To make some of them more approachable they are positioned higher. The oddment space is generous and the seats are comfortable and supportive.
1642 capacity large boot with comfy spacing for four adults. Some practical touches also added.
It’s a well-equipped car fitted with all the basic standard luxury and safety equipment categorized in different trims.
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