2014 Honda Accord Saloon Review

It comes with 4 engines to select with. It includes 154bhp with 2.0 petrol engine, 198bhp with 2.4 petrol engine, 2.2 diesel with 148 or 177bhp. All these remain very strong and as well smooth. The 6 speed gearbox is manual in its functionality however the high powered diesel engines are also available.
Accord Saloon is simply amazing when riding on the motorway roads. The jittery speed on the motorway remains good and ideal to ride over. The condition becomes worse when you ride it in the town. The low speed drive out remains chunky and it is quite unsettled as well. The car has decent bends but the steering remains numb which doesn’t serves as the best deal for use.
If it is revved hard, the engine remains audible however you can feel the smooth and comfort when driving it. The comfortable gear shiftover is yet another characteristic feature added within. The wind noise is obscured but the road noise is just quite bad.
It is indeed the best family car that is just same like the Ford Mondeo. The Accord is much expensive of course. The rates are just intact that remains very close to the executive grade cars such as Audi A4. It comes with the best resale value like the Ford cars. However the Accord remains high in its price. The fuel consumption is just moderate and the co2 emissions are nowhere near when compared to the competitors.
Honda is proven to have a remarkable review and it is known for its reliability and client satisfaction. Honda owners have shared below average rating for Accord when it comes to the reliability standard.
It comes with the modern electronic braking which has the skid features within. The 6 airbags and the whiplash on the headrest in the front is a valuable addition.  Alarms and deadlock are found like the standard models.
This car remains ultimately majestic and grand. The enveloping seats, slim pillars are extremely good. The layout found in the dashboard is not clear and the switches are similarly shaped.
This car can accommodate big family, as it remains very spacious with the comfortable seats. The boot space is not that competitive but many of you will feel it little insufficient.
The basic models will not have the automatic wipers and lights and as well as the Bluetooth facilities within. They come with the sporty kit and the high octane engines are accessible in S Trim featured along with xenon headlights and alloy wheels.
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