2012 Honda Accord Tourer Review

Two petrol engine: 198bhp in 2.4-litres and the other154bhp in 2.0-litres petrol. The diesel one is of 2.2-litres either with 177 or 148bhp. All of them perform smoothly and strongly. A six-speed manual gearbox is present in all but an optional five-speed automatic one is also available for the higher power diesel ones.
You will surely love to go on long motorway shifts on your accord toured. Although the high speed rides are not joyful but at the low speed it becomes unsettled and lumpy. The numb steering will kill all fun but at the bends it will hold you well.
Audible engine at hard rev. this car will surely isolate you from the wind noise but the loud road noise will bring a black mark for the overall reliability of Accord.
Amongst the other member of the family, the Accord appears more expensive. Its prices are comparable to the compact executive estate but its resale value is much stronger. But still Accord is too pricey to be top in the recommend list. Poor fuel economy and emission makes it an expensive option to run.
In terms of reliability Honda has successfully made some exceptional records in the JD power survey. But in the 2012, owners placed it in the below average category for reliability. Accord deserves same rating for the interiors too as it lacks lustre and detailing.
Accord is brimming with the latest electronic barking and anti-skid feature, anti-whiplash front head rest and six airbags. To make is theft resistant deadlocks and alarms are also provided. Cruise control and lane change warning system is optional in 2.4-litres petrol, diesel EX and Type S.
Well enveloped and comfortable seats are provided. Slim pillars are providing to enhance the visibility. Clear dashboard layout with an array of similar shaped and colored switches.
The roofline of the car is slinky. The boot of accord is not that deep and large. This concludes that Honda provides less spacing than his rivals. Although the passenger space is quite generous.
Bluetooth and the automatic wipers and lights don’t come up with the SE model at entry level. But the ES GT version comes with a nice sporty kit whereas you will get more equipment with the EX trim.
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