2014 Ford Galaxy Review

The entry level engine is flexible and quiet. The turbo charged 2.0 litres is strong and smooth. Powerful engines have lot of low rev pull but you have to struggle with 14 bhp unit if you have a lot of passengers.
You will enjoy driving galaxy which will give you the most pleasurable ride. It comes with an informative steering, a lot of grip and a good body control. Suspension is supple giving you immense comfort.
The large glass area generates wind noise but the rest of the car does a good job of preventing road and suspension noises getting in the cabin making your drive a quiet one. Engine is also quiet and smooth and all the controls work with utmost precision.
Galaxy is not exorbitantly priced. Most parts are similar to S max. It is better equipped. Resale value is not very strong. Diesel engine is much more economical.
The interior is stylish and conventional with an appealing and solidly built material on the top of door and dash. Back in the car, the plastics are not very good. The car’s mechanical reliability might have some reservations.
Galaxy comes with front and side airbags for the two front seats and window airbags covering the three rows. There is an airbag to protect the driver’s knee. Emergency brake assist and stability control is standard and you can fit alarms and deadlocks too for a better security.
The driving position is elevated which combines slim pillars to provide a good visibility all around. The seats and steering wheel can be adjusted and the seat is very supportive. The dashboard is very stylish, logically ordered and easy to use.
Galaxy has a good headroom and legroom which can accommodate five people easily and comfortably. You can fir child seats in the middle row. The rearmost seat is good and spacious for adult passengers. You can fold the rear seats flat. Even if all the 7 seven seats are used, you are still left with space for some bags.
Galaxy has many kits and and even the entry level cars have dual zone climate control, Bluetooth, front and rear parking sensors, a heated windscreen and four electric windows. Extras on titanium X consists of xenon headlamps, leather upholstery and glass panels up in the roof.
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