2014 Ford Focus Hatchback Review

The 99bhp 1.0 Ecoboost runs perfectly without working it hard to gain high acceleration from low revs. The 123bhp is long-sustained and a better engine no doubt. The turbocharged 1.6 petrol engines are quite expensive for their worth. 1.6-litre diesel engines are cheap with the 113bhp priced perfectly for its worth. The 2.0-litre diesel engine models work great too giving the cars a good rank in terms of performance among all peers.
Ford has a good name particularly in having great steer and over-the-top handling of its cars. The model Focus also keeps the legacy well maintained. It gives you an amazing grip with great body control making the car powerful in turns and edgy roads. The steering is also with great control and dependable giving accurate performance. The car works wonders in cutting and silencing the noise. The car is so quite inside even at high speeds, especially the petrol engines. The brakes and gearshift are super-accurate for that perfect ride.
The car is a little expensive with low resale value. The CO2 emissions are fair and good enough. The car is not worth as per its engines.
The looks are funky in the interiors giving it a fun look with soft-touch material. However, the plastic look is a little let-down on the attracting areas. It is even more plastic-like in the boot. The dashboard features are pretty messy and clattery. The seats, especially the driver seat is quite adjustable giving good comfort while driving.
The cabin isn’t very spacious as compared to VW Golf’s. The space is enough and good for four people and five would be stretching it too much. However, don’t expect much from the boot to compensate the seating space as it is not very comforting and luxuriously made. To fold the rear seats, little adjustments have to be made by flipping up the seat-bases. The specifications include air-conditioning as standard. Zetec trim adds DAB radio and Bluetooth to the standard. The luxurious looks and classiness are increased when upgrading to Titanium trim which gives you a full of gadgets look, especially with the exclusive-looking stereo. The highest range includes Titanium X which in turn has various kits with self-parking system and heated front seats. Blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control and lane-departure warning are some attractive specs.
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