2012 Ford Mondeo Hatchback Review

The 1.6 diesel engine is indeed the most sought-after hatchback car. Car drivers will feel it comfortable and easy enough to handle. It maintains the smoothness and also remains stronger on the roads. It is better if you avoid the 2.2 diesel engine 197bhp, as it is little flat in the low revs. People preferring for petrol engine could choose the Ecoboost turbo designed with 1.6litre.
Ford Mondeo gives a perfect feel of ease and comfort when running on the motorway. The suspensions are perfectly controlled and moreover it rides smoother on the surface of the road, regardless to the persons travelling. Mondeo is extremely responsive and drivers would eventually fall in love with its strong and firm grip, receptive steering control and sharp handling as well.
Mondeo scores 4 star rating out of 5 when it comes to refinement. You would experience road noise when riding on the coarse grounds and even the wind noise is perceptible while riding at 70mph. The engine remains very attractive, whereby only less competitors could match it.
This car is reasonable in its rate while compared to the competitors. There are many provoking factors along with the discounts which encourages you to buy this car. The resale value is not that great and this is the only disappointing factor.  The diesel engine manages to keep down the tax billing of this car.
The interiors are just great while the dashboard and the glass coatings add additional elegance. Even the instrument graphics and the gear switchover look simply neat to the precision. The plastics would slightly reach lower in the cabin and even they have a gritty texture.
Mondeo is one of the best cars that match your family in all regards. Safety constrains are well observed and this car never compromises to ensure you maximum safety. The pedestrian safety ensures complete safety and security, because Mondeo is designed with absolute perfection. Every model in this car comes with seven airbags, stability controller which adds ultimate comfort.
One thing which would pop-up in your mind when starring behind the wheel is its size! The windows bottom remains little higher, as you must sit over the cranked seat. The seat remains very supportive and it comes with friendly adjustment.
Just to ensure you the spaciousness, Ford Mondeo is designed with adequate passenger space. The space both in front and back is just more than enough to enjoy a comfortable ride. The wide doors let you to get in and out easily without any hassle. The highline windows are absolutely safe whereby kids will not be able to see out easily.
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