2014 Citroen C4 Hatchback Review

It caters you with three petrol engines (one of 1.4 and the rest of 1.6) and the three diesel engines (two of 1.6 and the other are of 2) that is managed to suit the taste of every rider.  The 94bhp is the star with maximum flexibility and affordability.
C4 ride is unfortunately not that fun. You may have to go through the unsettled lumpy rides. The steering will also not be a relaxing factor too. The artificial weighting will lead to an over strong self centring effect.
Citroën C4 hatchback is a refined car. A well isolation cabin provided with an extremely quiet and smooth engine for a pleasant journey.
No particular cheap price list for C4 along with the not so strong resale value provides you any good budget option. But you may get some massive discount if you are purchasing from the authorized dealer.
It offers you the switch detailing of the soft touch plastic and chrome material. The panels of the lower reaches of this marvelous car may provide you the flimsier feel but it is not regarded in the list of the poshest luxury cars. C4 has occupied the above average rating in the JD power customer satisfaction survey.
C4 offers you a good stability control and the ideal six air bags. The programmable speed limiter and the blind-spot monitoring are provided for your safety. The emergency brakes will be of great use at the times of emergency and the efficient eTouch system will keep you in contact with the emergency centre.
Behind the wheel everything is quite nice. The instruments back lightening ranges from white to royal blue. You can have the opportunity to select the bongs and blings for the warning. The stereo is allotted with a variety of large buttons.
C4 headroom is quite accessible and comfy. You can enjoy the big rectangular boot with the low lip. The rears are selective for the tall travelers and the rear backrest can’t be flattened much.
VTR on entry level provides you the electric front windows, air conditioning and the cruise control. Bluetooth, rear parking sensors, automatic wipers and headlamps, climate control, alloys and the customizable instruments are the key features that are brought to you by the VTR+.
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