2014 Citroen C4 Cactus Hatchback Review

Back support adjustment is not available at all. The steering wheel adjusts only for the height, and not for the reach, this may create problem in front of some drivers. The taut material used for the seat, is not suitable for smooth riding experience at all.
Space available upfront is snug for sure, for two people, of more than average height. Rear seats also hold decent space, for the two adults, though some of the roof space get shorten, due to the panoramic roof of glass. Boot holds the good shape and space all in all. Rear seats can get folded like a bench, than the usual split, which reduces the utility of boot space, because it cannot get expanded accordingly.
Name of the variants are Touch, Feel and Flair, you can choose any of them according to your budget and urge. Cruise control, USB socket, digital radio and 7 inch touch screen, are the features, which you will found in every model. Rear windows have to be adjusted manually, but the front windows are electric, and this feature is also standard. The Feel variant includes the leather finish steering, exterior trim in gloss black, AC, Bluetooth, and body color handles. The top Flair variant includes more features, but you have to pay more for them.
The 1.2 liter 109bhp turbo petrol engine is designed, to irradiate the roads with its blazing performance. These engines are speedy customer, but there is one minus point i.e. their huff of power in the mid of rev range, though it is the peculiarity of 3-cylinder engines. Diesel engine is good performer but at mid revs it growls.
The steering wheel is light though, but capable to endow you the sustainable grip while driving. Body of the car suffers from the oscillation, when it faces sharp turns and twists. But it gives you a decent and acceptable ride experience.
The Blue HDi diesel engine is surly. The gearshift also needs to get an easy operation, because it is quite long and does not endow the needed swift grip, while changing the gears.
Lower prices, good fuel efficiency and less extraction of CO2 makes it the favorite. The resale value is also quite tempting. Side air-bumps are not just show pieces, but they are fitted, to protect, your car from dents. Cabin is quite comfortable, padded armrests add the needed spark to the looks. Security features includes air bags, stability control and tire pressure monitoring. It has also got 4 out of 5 stars from Thatcham, for its remarkable anti theft system, to protect the cars.
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