2014 Chrysler Grand Voyager MPV Review

Driving can be done merrily in this car, because driver gets comfy seat to drive, along with the spectacular road vision. Controls are easy to operate, but they are bolted low, at the central console, therefore, you have to stretch for reaching.
It endows proper and convenient space for seven demos, to get in. Added advantage is that the rear seats can get lay down flat completely, which can uplift the chance, for enhancing the loading area. In the top variant, you get and exciting feature named Swivel’n Go, in which two chairs of the mid row can get rotated, so that they face the hindmost seats.
Starting range is SE which is geared up with power sliding rear doors, cruise control and tri-zone climate control. If you are willing to have more features, then you can go for SR variant, which has smart lights and wipers, parking assist camera, electric adjustment of driver’s seat. In the peak variant you get DVD screens at rear seats, satellite navigation and elegant leather decor.
It is a heavy car therefore 265lb ft and 161bhp of meaty muscle seems lethargic. Every model is enriched, with an automatic gear box, but it will have to change down except while cruising.
Steering support is inert when needed, significant body oscillation make the ride arduous in quirks. The ride is not smoother, which you generally expect in a MPV.
Diesel engine is hispid at extreme revs, which should get refined. Otherwise this car deals well with the road and wind noise.
Thought the price and running cost of this car is higher, than its competitors, but it holds more resale value, than others for sure. Cabin is crafted with good quality plastic, which bestow it a decent look altogether. For safety this car has six air bags and stability control. It earned four out of five stars in the crash test conducted by Euro NCAP. Other standard security features are engine immobilizer, deadlocks, and anti theft alarm. This car can be a decent performer, though you have to pay big amount for it, but its god resale value, can boost, you to own this car.
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