2014 Cadillac CTS Saloon Review

People opting to buy CTS Saloon could select the V6 Petrol engine coming with 3.0 and 3.6 version. Just to compare, the 3.0 is quite feeble while the 3.6 is super fast and it is likely prepared to rev better. The auto gearbox changeover is uncertain because it declines to change whenever it is really required. The V8 engine is just super fast and covers 60mph in just lesser than 4 seconds.
The body control is quite perfect even in those tortuous roads however it will not be very quick in its drive, since the steering control responds slightly slower. The sportier suspension found in 3.6 version ensures firm and safe drive out.
The engine remains very serene and smooth while driving and the sound is quite negligible while you rev it strong and hard. The door mirrors produce huge wind noise while riding at the motorway speed, which is quite annoying. Even the road noise is quite huge when riding them on the coarse surfaces.
When looking around the United Kingdom, there are only a few Cadillac dealers found around. Hence you need to gaze around to find someone that gives proper service that fulfils your expectations. The cost of CTS drops down than the German competitors however the resale value is just good and amazing. The carbon dioxide emissions and thirsty engines together ensure affordable and pocket-friendly running cost. Considering to get the diesel car is even a value added addition.
The upper portion is completely clipped with leather and the cabin is as well designed with high quality materials. It eventually enhances the look and style and moreover gives a smart look. the hard silver plastic designs the entire console and remains very reliable for use.
It comes with all the essential safety equipments and as well remains very competitive in all the models. It comes with curtain airbags, stability controller, break force distribution and more. With respect to the front end security, the doors will be locked automatically while you get in and the immobiliser and alarm is also placed within.
There is enough space in the front and it is quite longer and spacious than the BMW 5 series. However the back space is not that good and it is really unsatisfying as well. The legroom space is also pretty decent and the headroom is very tight. The transmission tunnels spoil the comfort level of the central traveller. Besides this, the door opening style is also bad in its style.
It comes with one trim and the great news is it readily piled with grand and luxury toys. The climate controller, cruise controller, auto wiper, stereo surround, electric leather seats are some valuable additions.
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