2014 BMW 7-Series Saloon Review

It comes with a choice of petrol and diesel engines. You can even choose the petrol electric hybrid. The 750i is very fast and rapid for such a heavy car. The hybrid is fast but the 8 speed automatic gearbox is not very convincing.
For such a massive car it handles well. Although it is nowhere near the level of comfort which is a benchmark. It lets thuds inside the cabin very easily when you run on bumps and potholes.
At a cruising speed, the V8 petrol of 750i disappears in the background. Even if you rev it hard, it is a highly smooth engine but becomes a little noisy when worked. Road noise is minimal.
Buying and owning BMW 7 is a great choice, thanks to the figures achieved. The 4.4 litre twin- turbocharged V8 750i emits a carbon dioxide of levels below 200g/km. It reaches a speed of 62 mph in less than 5 seconds. The carbon dioxide emissions of 730d are even better.
It has a nice finish with good choice of wood and has a fine metal finish and double stitched leather at the correct places. The overall ambience is just great and superb with a feel and touch of elegance.
Font and side airbags are standard and both the rows of seats come with head airbags. There are other options too which includes night vision technology, anti dazzle LED high beam assistance, no overtaking warning, etc.
The layout of the dashboard is almost same as any other BMW5. But the 7 does have a multi functional dial display permitting the driver to choose information and changes as per your car’s driving mode. It also has a 10 inch screen with flashy 3D graphics.
There is a good room for 5 adults in the regular wheelbase versions but you can upgrade it to a longer wheelbase car. On upgrading you will get another 140mm of rear legroom and 10 mm of rear headroom. The boot space is a bit narrow. It is of 500 litres.
All models are equipped with xenon headlights, sat- nav, climate control, a steering wheel mounted control and a CD player. It also comes with a head up display too.
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