2014 BMW 5-Series Saloon Review

Diesel engine is most popular. 520d has 181 bhp and is powerful, although 525d gives a better and easier performance. It even comes with two 2.0 litre and two 3.0 litre units and a hybrid with a more powerful 3.0 litre petrol engine.
BMW 5 does not ride and handles as good as it should. But you can always add Variable Damper Control and Adaptive Drive giving a great transformation to your car. They are not cheap but they are essential as they make ride easier and handling sharper.
You will experience minimal noise and the noises from engine, tyre and suspension is suppressed to a great level. You might hear some wind noise coming from the door mirrors. The eight speed automatic gearbox is great and the shifts and stroke accelerator pedals are very smooth.
Buying and owning can be given a complete five stars. The Efficient Dynamic systems deliver a great fuel economy and emit only 119 g/km of carbon dioxide. Even the most powerful diesel engine is financially worth it. It is best to avoid petrol engine as it is pricey.
It is build from materials of high quality and the fit and finish in the cabin is great. But users experienced an above average number of mechanical problems.
All models are equipped with at least 6 airbags and lots of electronic driver aids. It comes with a spring loaded bonnet giving it an additional cushioning effect during collisions. Deadlocks, alarms and locking wheelnuts are handy.
BMW5 is utmost neat and clear. It is simple to use climate control system and other functions can be controlled with the help of iDrive infotainment system. You can scroll through on screen menus and make you own selection by pushing the dial down. But the pedals are positioned too far to the right.
It comes with a lot of space for occupants. Because of a heavy transmission tunnel in the centre can make those sitting in the middle of the rear bench feel they have drawn the short straw. You will get enough room for luggage.
All models are equipped with xenon headlights, sat-nav, climate control, a steering wheel mounted control and a CD player. It also comes with a head up display too.
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