2014 BMW 3 Series Touring Review

2.0-litres diesel engine is always recommended in the 320d versions. The turbo 3.0 in 335i is quit brisk and fast but at the same time expensive too. the 2.0-litres petrol in 328i is rapid but equally stressful. The 2.0 one was quick and equally flexible.
The precise steering contributes a lot in make it best to drive. The handling offered by the 350d is quite agile and responsible making the driving a comfort for you. The body movements are no that controlled in case you are sticking with the standard suspension.
Smooth rev but at the lower ones you might experience some sounds. this car is well isolated from the suspension and road noise but not from the wind noises.
Excellent economic along with the reduced CO2 emission and fuel suspension makes it an attractive option for all the potential business users. The prices are also quite competitive along with a strong resale value which provides you long term assurity.
It possesses better cabin then all the other BMW. You will get lost in the flawless fit and finish and the switches provided for the solid and positive actions. The past reliability records of the BMW has proved it a really reliable one but you still can’t ignore the unforeseen problems related to this car.
It has the standard alarm system that cats as the active security package along with the lane change and lane departure warning systems. Apart from this the other basic safety equips are present like the six air bags, dynamic brakes, dynamic traction control and the stability control.
Behind the wheels a lot of space is provided to make the driver feel comfy along with the adjustable seats and steering wheel. A standard idrive system is there to regulate most of the functions. A large color screen with e rotatory controllers is available for the infotainment.
4 adults can be easily accommodated in the passenger’s compartment although the boot is not that huge but it’s quite practical and well-shaped. The rear back rest can be dropped into three parts to increasing the loading space.
The M Sport model has the unique body kit along with the upgraded suspension. The sport steering and seats are provided to give perfection to the sport version. The entry level basic standard equipment is present.
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