2014 Bentley Mulsanne Saloon Review

It is not required to expect so much from the huge saloon vehicle, however Mulsanne could make everything possible. It is designed with the 6.75 litre V8 unit along with 506bhp as well. 0 – 60mph dashboard is not that exact to relate however it is important to mention the preposterous 5.1 seconds. The progress and pick-up is quite smooth and good and they come along with the 8 speed gearbox with automatic controller.
This is indeed a big car however it doesn’t give such look. The steering is absolutely good and comfortable to handle whereby you don’t have to struggle while riding in the bends. Upon selecting the sports mode, the edges will remain firm and you can comfortably ride over even in all type of surfaces.
The car looks very rich in its style and elegance. The cost of this car is quite akin like the price of the villa and includes long-term running cost. Remember, the tax bills and the fuel charges are quite huge and moreover the depreciation is also immense that would make you whimper.
The cabin is designed with the perfect blend of old and new luxury comfort and moreover it comes with the cutting-end patterns in most of the interior work. The gear switchover is quite small when compared to the Audi cars. However the material used in designing this car is just wonderful.
The size of the Mulsanne’s car could adopt huge and bulk people and it runs smoother without any collision. The cabin comes with the airbags in all the four seats and as well in the sides and front too. Drivers are assured of safety factors, because it comes with the perfect stability controller that can protect you from smashing.
The central control is rightly connected to the color screen which fringe easily with the cuts of switches. The dashboard is easier to handle, as it is designed with the friendly navigation controls. The seats and electric alignments are just good and comfortable.
The car remains very big and has enough space inside. The back seats are spacey enough, as it has plenty of legroom and head room. The door opening is comfortable with the limousine experience indeed. The boot space is pretty wide however it is little short.
It comes with power adjustments, climatic controller, stereo, sat nav and leather trim. Other encompassing options will include cruise control, TV tuner, combination of color trim and many more.
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